Verichip for criminal destroys me




When the verichip is implanted , they use the skill of making him sleep  and get unconscious.


After he loses his consciousness, they implant. so he never knows he is verichipped.


The stalker use this skill everyday from 2006,  I have slept for 20 hours everyday since then.


I do not know what have happened while I sleep, so I am always afraid of sleeping.


I have 3 web cams installed   to watch what  happen while I sleep.


After  web cams, now I only sleep 10 ~ 4 hours, but the stalker force me to doze all day, , and I feel my body pressed,  cannot control, can not do anything.


I used to sleep 4 hours,  woke up without alarm, but now I have the alarm ring every 10 minutes but never listen even once.


I have never dreamed since 2006 because I lose my cociousness while I sleep .


I never dream, never listen to the alarm ring every 10 minutes, which ruins my body.

Whenever I  sleep,  I  fall into a fit of convulsions.



Carm 1.

Carm 2. 
ID= password= eeeeeeee
ID= password= dddddddd
ID= password= cccccccc
ID= password= bbbbbbbb

ID= password= aaaaaaaa


Carm 3.
Watch me while I sleep, you will see the alarm flash every 10 minutes, but I never listen or react to the alarm.




Verichip for criminal




Verichip is implanted to criminals or spies, enemies.



Verichip was first invented for military use.  It got a patent in 70’s.

Verichip for criminals is different from that for popular use  sold for $150.

Verichip for criminals is implanted after the people are made to sleep and get unconscious.


So those implaned do not know that they are verichipped.
How the police implant the verichip


1. Verichip is implanted when you move to a new house.

you can not easily notice when you are implanted when move, you may notice the difference but you regard it as the work you hadle the heavy stuff when move.

2. Verichip is implanted after the person is made to sleep and get unconscious.
3. Verichip is implanted at a cartilage bone 3cm off the anklebone as you see the picture.

4. Verichip is implanted to criminals or spies, enemies who need to be watched.
Verichip for criminals is implanted into bone to avoid to be disclosed to x-ray or mri.

It hurts a lot when implanted into bone but it does not hurt when it is done to a cartilage bone.
Verichip ‘s excellent function

1. It is fitted with a concealed microphone, which means they  hear  whatever you hear.

2. They steal a glance, which means they see what you see.

3. It is also a personal locating device.


I  have never been a criminal, but have been being stalked for 13 years by  a corrupted  Korean policeman P.s.d who tries to take my life  after my money .

For more about it,


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